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Owning a rental property is financially rewarding. Apart from generating a steady income, these real estate assets offer tax concessions, act as a hedge against inflation, and have tremendous potential for appreciation.

However, rental properties also come with the added responsibility of maintenance, tenant management, and multiple financial and legal processes. To run your real estate company smoothly, availing property management services will be an ideal investment. Property Management indicates the need for real estate to be cared for and monitored, with accountability for and attention to its useful life and condition.

Astio Crib property managers take responsibility for day-to-day repairs and ongoing maintenance, security, and upkeep of your apartment and condominium complexes, private home, communities, shopping centers, and industrial parks.

Our property management life cycle process includes acquisition, control, accountability, responsibility, maintenance, utilization, and disposition.

Why choose us?

We handle three of your immediate demands: Better returns on your investment, efficient rental management, and maintenance. Here is how we address and handle your key concerns: 


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This is the headingProperty Search/Site Viewing

We assist with property search that best suit your status, locations, size and budget preference locally and internationally. We save you time and stress by giving you a variety of choices to choose from, as on your behalf, we are able to visit the property sites, authenticate their attributes (we send you video proof for your perusal)

Property Purchase/Rent

Whether you are in search of a property to buy or rent in a choice area and you can’t afford to go through the stress of visiting one agent or the other. Let us be your eagle eyes to make that right choice on your behalf. Based on your budget either to buy or rent, with our best negotiators, we can negotiate the best property value and rates that suits your budget with suitable flexible payment arrangement.

Legal and Insurance advisory

It is a necessity that a property manager is current with applicable local government, state, and Federal Fair Housing laws and practices. We have deep knowledge of both state and national landlord-tenant laws. This involves the understanding of how to screen a tenant, evict a tenant, end a lease and more. We also participates in or initiating litigation with tenants, contractors, and insurance agencies

Renovation and Maintenance

One of the main jobs we are respected for is making sure the property is kept up. We understand that the better we keep up with proper maintenance and repairs, the happier the tenants will be and the more attractive the property will be to future tenants. To ensure a habitable and safe environment, we respond to maintenance requests and repairs in a timely manner. We have experienced architects, interior designers, painters, and other stakeholders who can handle both repair and renovation work. This includes, but is not restricted to, finishing raw apartments, interior and exterior painting, landscaping, plumbing and electrical repairs, flooring, and building modular kitchens.

Marketing and Advertising

For property owners, the dilemma is locating an agent who is diligent and trustworthy enough to get the property to the required market for either sales or rent. We are your most trusted partner with your time and profit based vision to ensure that your property returns is assured. One of the main reasons we are most hired for is because we are very efficient in marketing properties for new tenants or buyers. We are aware that the greater the marketing job, the greater the chances are that a property will get a lot of interest. We take on the responsibilities of taking photographs of the property and listing the property on various mediums such as housing websites. We have an integrated property promotion mix that will surely create effective awareness with prompt clients’ response. We ensure a thorough digital marketing through; Website and landing page development, Pay-per-click and social media advertisement, Search engine optimization, Email marketing and lead nurturing activities, Brand building and online reputation management, Video and content marketing.

Rental and Tenants Management

Managing tenants especially the difficult one may be daunting but we are more experienced with the required emotional intelligence and professionalism in finding the right tenant and screening these tenants through various background and credit checks to ensure the selection of the right candidate(s). Also, we are entrusted to handle all tenant; leases, emergencies, move-outs and evictions. Assessment of property for damage and depending on the condition of the property, determine how much of the tenant's deposit will be returned to them. After a tenant moves out, we ensure the unit is clean, handle any necessary repairs and start marketing the unit once again. In regards to an eviction, if a tenant violates the lease, then we will be responsible to start the eviction process

Rent Management

Managing the rent is one of our main responsibilities. This involves setting a rental rate for the property. But before this is done we will assess the property, its location and the current market. Oversee the drafting, signing, and renewing leases on behalf of property owners. Once a tenant moves into the property, we will collect the rent on the property according to the rate agreed with the owner and rental rate that abides by state or city laws. We also settle the monthly utility bills.

Managing other employees

We manage employee to support in managing the property or community. These could be security guard, Cleaners, and others. In managing them we handle recruitment, outsourcing, welfare, medical insurance, background checks, appraisal, promotion, salary as well as possible termination if applicable.

Account, Finance and Handling taxes

We manage the property budget and other important records. This involves taking into consideration the property budget, organizing all tenant leases, complaints, repair costs and more. Also, we help to navigate through multiple taxation and finance laws pertaining to the real estate industry. We track all expenses and income generated from the units leased out and provide a comprehensive summary of the same. In addition to this, we provide assistance in filing taxes, formulating and managing budgets, and selecting and assessing insurance policies.

Safety and Security

From retail outlets and residential apartments to office complexes and industrial units, every real estate asset requires an efficient security system. Availing property management services for securing tenants and properties is now a necessity. We offer highly integrated surveillance systems that secure the perimeter round-the-clock. Along with video surveillance, we track the number of visitors through biometric systems. Also conduct a full audit of the premises and offer comprehensive risk assessment solutions.

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